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  1. I really dont understand how you only have 2k subs i love your one piece vids they are amazing

  2. I disagree with some of your statements. But never the less, this is a great video.

  3. Can u do avideo on magellan i love him and not alot of people talk about him

  4. Judging on what we saw in the colosseum I would say that ideo is stronger than sai

  5. Nice i enjoyed

  6. Sai vs Lao G was the best thing that happened in Dressrosa fucking fight me

  7. Very nice!

  8. Agree with the list

  9. The only thing I would change: Ideo in the last place. Great video btw

  10. Nice Video I actually really agree with this list

  11. Nice video and Bart is indeed op but just for the sake of discussion couldn’t he get speed blitzed and lose ?

  12. Solid lost and I really like the idea. Also can I just say I literally just came across your channel yesterday and I am so confused how you don’t have more subs, your vids are pretty well made and well developed.
    My list would be
    7) “Massacre Ruler” Orlumbus (Just pretty bad feats overall)

    6) “Leader of the Tontatta Corps” Leo ( He’s decently fast but with stitching being his main source of offense, I don’t see him being extremely well suited to one on one combat, although I think he’s a great support fighter)

    5) “Destruction Cannnon” Ideo (I thought he had potential from his short little skirmish with Luffy but after he got absolutely fodderised by Dellinger, I just can’t take him as seriously as the 4 fleet members above him)

    4) “Pirate Mercenary” Hajruden (His durability is pretty decent actually considering how he could continue fighting considering the huge weights that were being dropped on him by Machvice. His power is also very good considering that he punched Machvice all the way up to the top of the birdcage when I think he was 10,000 tones at the time?)

    “Leader of the Happou Navy” Don Sai (Very solid armament haki that could split a considerable amount of ground in Dressrosa and also at the same time was fast enough to match Lao G who was pretty quick even in his old age)

    2) “The Cannibal” Bartolomeo (God tier defense and offensive capabilities but the fact that he can only produce one barrier at a time does put him in a bit of a tough spot, considering that against someone who either has great power or great stamina, he’s pretty much stuck on the defensive. I hope in the future he’ll be able to make multiple barriers since I love Barto lol)

    1) Cavendish “of the white horse” + Hakuba (Hakuba seriously gives Cavendish such fantastic offensive capabilities. I mean even though I don’t think Dellinger was exactly a very strong member of Doffy’s family but the kid was fast and Hakuba absolutely blitzed the fuck out of him. I overall think that Hakuba would be able to keep pressuring Barto until Barto gets worn out and is forced to release the barrier).

    Also if I could recommend a video, have you thought about ranking the Donquiote Pirates? Because I think that some members like Gladius are actually stronger than possibly Diamante and Trebol based on feats. Jesus Christ sorry for the long comment ahaha

  13. dat nibba fronky out here on his grind

  14. Yea Bartolomeo n1 <3

  15. Good list

  16. I’m telling you make a Yonko ranking. That would drive in the well deseved subs and I would love to see it.

    I would say it is (feats befor hype):

    1) Edward Newgate aka Whitebeard

    – even in his old age was said to be the strongest man alive by Sengoku, who later addmited that he has underestimated him
    – Kaido hoped to kill him in Marineford, when WB was weakened
    – was sad appared by Big Mom from the other Yonko

    2) Kaido from the beasts

    – strongest creatur alive
    – super durabel
    – it’s said in a 1v1 you should bet on him

    3) Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom

    – her movepool is through the roof (Napoleon, Prometheus, Zeus, ect.)
    – her Haki is extremly powerfull (her CoC even destroyed physikal objects)
    – is super durabel and strong (physikly) plus she’s as big as a Gaint

    4) Redhair Shanks

    – stopped the Marines from pursuing the beaten/fleeing WB alliance
    – is a well respected Yonko with extremly powerfull Haki and was on Gold Rogers ship (trained by Silver most likely)
    – after Kidd and Apoo lost to BM they decided to go after Shanks, lost to Mihawk in the past (because M is the strongest swordsman now not Shanks), Teach (Shanks scar inches so far only scares from lost battles inched) and lost an arm to a Seaking in the East Blue

    5) Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard

    – has two powerfull Devilfruits but can fight without them and crushed Marco
    – played the Marines and Whitebeard Pirates like paws in his chessgame
    – I think he’s stronger now but from his feats: he decided not to fight Shanks and Sakazuki, was beaten by Magallan and near dead Whitebeard

    Thx for reading

  17. I agree bartolomeos devil fruit is busted and ranks dont matter or ace would be second strongest and hes fodder LMAO

  18. This list seems legit.

  19. Great video! tbh I think Cavendish is a bit stronger than Bartolomeo but that’s just my opinion.

  20. Ily fronky <3

  21. I’m home bro

  22. Bartholomeo= God

  23. also cabbage has a higher bounty than zoro

  24. Yes, please make more of these sorta videos

  25. Explain Haki. Plus do us all a favour and watch Film Gold. You should know Gild Tesoro

  26. Luffy Senpai!

  27. The REAL question is, are they all stronger than Ace?

  28. I really like baby 5 anyways nice video man

  29. I imagine Bart awakening his df and making a giant made out of his barrier which he’d control from the inside -and then 1v1 kaido-