My live reaction to One Piece Manga Chapter 892: Recognized as Strong Opponents

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  1. This is big news!!!

  2. I’ve been waiting all day for this video! It’s 2am where am but am I going to bed? No way time for a rogersbase one piece video!!
    I love your live reaction videos:)

  3. Anytime you post a vid im here your like my update for one piece keep doing your best Roger #Notfication Squad

  4. I still haven’t read the chapter because for some reason MANGASTREAM DOESN’T FUCKING HAVE IT UP!!!!…..VERY IRRITATED!!

  5. Love the fact that Sanji is finally reunited with the crew! It just isn’t the same without him and his “Nami-schwaaaaan!!” reactions.

  6. Who thinks bege is going to kill big mom???

  7. im on your #bodydouble train lets get it

  8. I don’t get what wrong with mirror idea. Luffy is going to be screwed if he comes out there and has to deal with oven. He won’t be able to do anything after katakuri

  9. I always wonder since the new world how quick sanji and chopper could heal luffy when he gets messed up cause he is gonna need it we got some during zou and fish man but not a true secret ingredient

  10. Wtf, I went on google and didn’t find the chapter

  11. since Oda is unpredictable so let’s predict the most impossible thing; Oda kills Luffy and the story continuous without him LOL

  12. I’m pretty sure oda is doing what he did with mihawk and luffy
    Just as a cliffhanger

  13. Nah flambé jumped in that’s why he was saying huh and u can see something flying towards Luffy in the panels before

  14. Please point me where this chapter is available.

  15. Or maybe the last 2 pages is the future seen by Luffy?

  16. I personally didn’t like the last two chapters, but I do hope the next one awesome.

  17. Mahn i gotta tell you roger, that chick over there in the background is soo hot, i was staring at the pic all throughout the video. She doesn’t seem to be wearing panties can’t imagine what putting my face inbetween her legs would feel like urrrgh!…

  18. poison cake?
    Reiju: i could just stop it from doing harm
    Pero: ig


    Big Mom hopefully kills Pero for tryna step in the way

  19. You should react to the hood translation.

  20. all those fake live reaction videos

  21. Where do you find this chapter? I cant find it anywhere

  22. I don’t know what your problem with the big mirror is. It is their plan that Luffy comes out that mirror, Oven states that clearly. You say it like that was supposed to be a surprise. Dude, just think about it.

  23. Could Luffy actually compete with katakuri if the end is a forewarning to luffy

  24. The Smoothie Sisters remind me of the Sand Snakes from GoT. I can’t be the only one

  25. Wait, if Smoothie’s tailing them, they’re going to have to fight. Sanji is the only one strong enough to on a commander. Will Sanji be able to fight Pudding to protect the ship?

  26. Luffy got shot if you at the chapter just a panel before the attach a bullet hit its leg

  27. Chiffon best girl.