One Piece by Eiichiro Oda and Toei Animation
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One Piece Episode 830 HD subbed
One Piece 830
ワンピースエピソード 830
One Piece 830
One Piece Episode 830ƒ
ワンピース 無料 漫画 830
ワンピース 漫画 830
ワンピース ハクバ
ワンピース ネタバレ 830 画 バレ
ワンピース ネタバレ 830
ワンピース グラディウス
ワンピース 830 話 漫画
ワンピース 830 話
ワンピース 830 画 バレ
ワンピース 830
ロビン 胡蝶 蘭
ハーフ アンド ハーフ ネタバレ
グラディウス ワンピース


  1. Hmm… the filler’s not that bad. It’s okay. I’m surprised Toei did a good job showing Katakuri’s Advanced Kenbunshoku.

  2. The Charlotte Brothers so strong

  3. Kata’s haki is perfectly well animated, awesome
    Good job Toei

  4. This scene doesn’t even exist in the manga but katakuri is still the biggest badass

  5. Monster trio

  6. This was super unnecissary but I’m glad they added it. Any excuse to see Katakuri, Oven, and Daifuku putting in work.

  7. Triplets so cool.

  8. Oven is OP asf(manga readers will know what I’m talking about).

  9. 原作にないオリジナル雑魚寒い

  10. Reminds me of Shadow Beasts against Phantom Troupe..

  11. Those who didn’t already realise that Katakuri is inspired by joseph joestar, i hope now you understood, same voice actor same catch phrase, similar appearance.. Well.

  12. Man oven must have melted that guys spine when he stepped on him

  13. *When you are high tier pro player, but make a smurf account…*

  14. 超合金クロビカリいて草

  15. Top 3 in the verse Oven yessss

  16. DId Gin..i mean..Katakuri pull a Joseph Joestar?!!!

  17. このシーンのせいで、ベッジはともかくベッジの部下がただの雑魚だったことが判明してガッカリ。覇気弾丸みたいなの使えると思ったら、ただの銃だったのかw

  18. ダイフクが松本人志に似てる

  19. オーブン色オレンジだったんだw

  20. アニオリは好きだがこれはまた酷いというか、何というかwwwというか四皇の幹部相手に挑んでバカなのか?www

  21. FUN FACT:
    This episode only covered the second half of the manga chapter 860 (6 pages).
    This scene is complete filler and it made Bege look weak as a security gatekeeper with Oven and Daifuku doing his job instead lmao.

  22. I would love to see these three vs Akainu Kizaru and Aokiji

  23. 豆大臣=フランキー

  24. 0:24何だこれw

  25. Wow seriously katakuri haki is amazing

  26. My boy gintoki with that future sight. The charlotte family monster trio. Tell me how katekuri used a bean while Daifuki is the minister of beans. Got to love in cannon filler

  27. They wasnt it worth that katakuri use his haki against them

  28. Charlotte Katakuri: Your next line is “Know your place, losers.”
    Charlotte Oven: “Know your place, lose- hol up!”

  29. カタクリイケボすぎ

  30. goodbye jiren…

    welcome katakuri…