One Piece 832
One Piece by Eiichiro Oda and Toei Animations
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One Piece Episode 832 HD subbed
One Piece 832
ワンピースエピソード 832
One Piece Episode 832
One Piece Episode 832 English Subbed
One Piece Capitulo 832
ワンピース 無料 漫画 832
ワンピース 漫画 832
ワンピース ネタバレ 832 画 バレ
ワンピース ネタバレ 832
ワンピース グラディウス
ワンピース 832 話 漫画
ワンピース 832 話
ワンピース 832 画 バレ
ワンピース 832

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  1. Now I understand Pudding feeling

  2. and worst parent of the year award goes to…

  3. Oof her past

  4. pudding and katakuri both have sad past. they both are allies material for strawhats, i am sure of it

  5. This doesnt make sense….totland is full of weird species, why its only show human in this flashback

  6. そもそもなんでビックマムの娘がいじめられんだよ。

  7. この程度で化け物なのか…

  8. Good idea people, just bully the daughter of the most powerful woman in the world; I’m sure that won’t have any repercussions.

  9. Makes me wonder if when she first go the Memo-Memo fruit, she used it to make the citizens forget about her third eye.

  10. Actually, pudding stabbed the boy who mocked her in the manga lol.. But as expected, anime wont adapt that scene

  11. なんでビックマムって普通に自分の子供に気味悪いとか言うんだろ・・・

  12. To be treated and seen as a freak by her mother and society. Sanji was the only person in her entire life to say her third eye is beautiful.

  13. You’d think that no one would even be able to get away with insulting a child of big mom like that. The other siblings and Big Mom may be able to get away with it but not regular people.

  14. I gotta admit kid pudding with her third eye been shown she cute

  15. And this is how school shootings happen

  16. カタクリもこんな感じにいじめられてたのかなあ?

  17. Big mom and the people of totland are hypocrites to attack pudding and Donut commander because they have deformities, when there is all kinds of weird things/people there!

  18. Damn and I thought Gaara had a horrible parent, he had his father and Pudding unfortunately has her mother

  19. Wow I feel so sorry for her now

  20. Meh, pudding stabed the boy and. Any children that dare to mock her

    Where’s that scene

  21. 0:15 you calling her a monster? hypocrite! not only you are an asshole but dam you ugly! Even though pudding has three eyes, much more sexier than you!!

  22. You know after all of that what we saw about her in every episode, including people who read the manga. Does anyone sometimes feel bad about her in her past life childhood even not when she’s acts like that as a crazy girl.

  23. This is what Humanity is we treat each other out of superiority race power class and so on etc….
    What makes us so mean and judgemental Pudding is treated like an Autistic person ya see
    It really disgust me this is who we are we all sin judge fight kill hate and what we have to show for nothing not a dam thing but Disgust in our eyes
    Don’t be A bully or hate on someone because we are different from them we are one being we arw ourselves human

  24. Dang, talk about misery to insanity for Pudding

  25. Anime did a great job with this. Made a bunch of people take 360 turns on their opinion on Pudding lol.

  26. And with a Messed up mom like hers No wonder she was mental.

  27. ビッグマムとセックスさせられたやつら可哀想

  28. been through bullying before its ruins your mind and makes you have low self esteem Sanji the white knight love this dude