Sewing + DIY Sleeveless V-Neck Pinafore Dress / Jumper Skirt / Overall , Babydoll Dress Tutorial

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How to Sew Pinafore Dress // How to Make Check Jumper Dress
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Sewing Tutorial // Step by Step Tutorial // Sewing Project // Easy Sewing
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Cómo hacer un pinafore dress ✂️ DIY Costura ♡

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  1. 可愛い~

  2. This one is so nice! I love the design!~

  3. Pretty legs in such a gorgeous dress !

  4. You did great, as always!

  5. Great teacher. Thank you very much.

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  8. *Winter will be coming soon. Can you make a one piece snow suit?* ❄⛄

  9. I think youre the best youtuber for sewing tutorial. Cause you makes everything so detail and its made so eazy to copy. And im trying sew a backpack from you and its totally work. Thank you so much for youre tutorial and hope for another awesome projects ♥♥

  10. I love all the clothes you design .Thank you for being so inspiring and sharing all these videos

  11. This is perfect I wanted to buy one of these dresses for autumn and now I can make my own ^-^

  12. So cute! I have some Nani Iro fabric in my latest sewing haul video, and I wonder if I could do this, even though it’s a lighter fabric…

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