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1 – LumpKing

2 – RogersBase

3 – Disneyanimefrantic

4 – MrX Reacts

5 – King_ Recon

6 – True King

7 – SamuraiKing8


  1. This opening blew opening 19 out of the water

  2. 1:45 Somebody reads the manga

  3. Just one second of Goatkuri with badass red hair made this opening one of my favorites.

  4. Pure example of what Anime can do over the manga! ;D

  5. First one to like

  6. As good as the first opening imo. Defintely top 5 no problem.

  7. WE Can is shit to me now.

  8. thanks men,you are a hero

  9. Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEIIIIIIIIII

  10. Lo estaba buscando, eres mi hero

  11. Ehh… DragonBall Super new opening is better

  12. My favorite part of the opening is at 1:40. I love the nonchalant melody which goes really well with Big Mom’s crew and their badassness.