Now that Goku has gone Ultra Instinct, we get a lot more exposition on the new mode! We also get an explanation for as to why Super Saiyan 2 Kefla is capable of taking a lot of Ultra Instinct’s hits! Please let me know your thoughts on the sequence… and RIP Hiromi Tsuru 🙁

Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 & 117 Spoilers
ドラゴンボール超 116
Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Preview


  1. I’m glad you guys are enjoying my Dragon Ball greatness.

  2. I really hope Vegeta don’t fail next episode, he needs a win. He gets dropped like a sack of potato every single arc.

    I give Kelfa a pass this time; supposedly she is a fusion of a prodigy and an anomaly and the fact Universe 6 Sayians are more evolved because they are tailless. Keep in mind Vegeta has royal blood, but it doesn’t mean his bloodline is any stronger than normal sayians and Goku was a low-tier sayian at birth. As strong as Kefla was in this episode I’m sure SS Blue Vegeta could still have defeated her.

  3. So this is all dragonball fans need? Some good animation and pretty , flashy fights ? Lol no story, some backstories or character development? youre past week complains don’t mean shit then.

  4. Kale and Califula don’t deserve their power.
    Cabba deserves his power.
    This has nothing to do with genders.
    When Cabba unlocked SSJ & SSJ2; he struggled and earned it.

  5. *Tony Hawk Ki Grinding UI Kamehameha* > Instant Transmission Kamehameha on Cell

  6. Why should I care about this fight sawyer? naruto vs pain, luffy vs lucci, ichigo vs byakuya. All great fights with build up , a story and meaning behind them . This is just trash.

  7. “How Kefla was able to push Goku in Ultra Instinct as much as she did is still up for debate”. Wait what there’s a debate? How?! She didn’t land a SINGLE hit on him and got whooped the whole fight despite Goku having like nearly no stamina. If people are seriously upset one of his hairs got cut off then this fan base is just beyond sad.

  8. Vegeta gets kissed by Ribriane —-> unlocks Ultra Instinct

  9. I thought dragonball fans were intelligent, i thought they wanted good characters , a plot, some twists. But no they just want a good fight. They’re like babies, give them a pretty kamehameha and they will clap. I don’t respect them.

  10. This was a genuinely amazing fight

  11. But where’s the plot tho

  12. Why is there an issue about how strong Kefla was? Anyone who says there wasn’t enough information before hand just wasn’t paying attention and just bitching to bitch. We already knew that Kale is a beast when she goes into berserker mode able to rival SSB Goku, and Caulifla while not as strong is still around SS2 Goku’s level. so you combine them together and then amplify that power with the Potara fusion and its completely reasonable that they would be above Goku outside of ultra instinct, especially when you take Kale’s raw power and Caulifla’s natural born talent. To say otherwise is to invalidate everything we know about the Potora fusion. It would be like calling bullshit because Vegito destroyed Buu-han even though Goku and Vegeta were no match for him alone.

  13. Just think, 24 hours ago, in DBZ time, neither Kale or Caulifla knew what SSJ was. Now it takes UI Goku to eliminate them. Even though Potara fusion is hax af, this still felt incredibly forced as an excuse for Goku to use Ultra Instinct again.

  14. Gt was better

  15. Ultra asspull is fine and kefla is not?

  16. I’m very pleased that Krillin stayed quiet.

  17. Why watch the episode when it can be spoiled for you in the title

  18. Terrible writing. Are we going to ignore how goku flew up to that rock pillar in the beginning of the episode?

  19. I will say despite me not caring about Kelfa I will say it’s a double standard with dragon ball tards that they dont accept the female saiyans asspull power ups yet they just eat this ultra instict ass pull shit right up

  20. Kefla: “You can’t dodge in midair”

  21. So kefla is an asspull but ultra instinct is not and “omg hype” pfff oh dragonball fans just shit up and enjoy you’re trash how you don’t even know what you want.

  22. This episode was greatness, no other description needed.

  23. Vegeta’s trigger will be him finding out Bulma is dead.

  24. Next episodes the namikians will swap places with the female sayanes, and they will do the fusion dance and become stronger than the gods

  25. UI kameha blast to the face. I wish she was decapitated imo. Don’t get me wrong Kefla’s ok, but her BS power-ups triggered me so hard when she was handling goku the way she was. gtfo.

  26. this episode > goku vs jiren. even though i hate the fact that kefla got so strong in just a day.

  27. Bitch was going head to head with UI and even powered up more. That’s that just disrespectful to Goku and DBZ. I like how she even went SS2 with the fusion and was able to take blows from Goku and even had more moves up her sleeves.

  28. What if piccolo and the namekians turn giant. I’m sure alot of people forgot they can do that. Would be awesome

  29. The DBS manga is actually greatness rn