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  1. I hope they make a legend cracker

  2. So did they just forget that Driven is a class? No love I swear

  3. So Fuji v2 is also int?! Am I the only one really bothered by this? Also they seem to release wayyyyy to much int unit right now.

  4. Fujitora + Log Luffy = Jackpot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    (very desperate Log Luffy owner)

  5. Since V2 Fuji isn’t a driven lead, I’m hoping they will introduce a V2 doffy or V2 fuji to help out those driven teams. This would’ve been fun for driven teams

  6. who wants ban dai to give 6+ to the admirals come on they done it with aokiji BAN DAI ILL EVEN HELP look here’s a name NEW FLEET ADMIRAL SAKAZUKI & NAVY VETERAN ADMIRAL BORSALINO KIZARU

  7. 6*+ doffy incomming

  8. fucking rip adventure mihawk 2k17-2k17 (hes still very good if you don’t have fuji 🙂

  9. Dammit I was gonna hold off till newyears, but that Fuji v2 makes me moist

  10. Getting real sick of these version 2 legends

  11. The next 6+ is gonna be zoro mark my words I guarantee you that it will fucking happen people think I’m crazy but no it is zoro 100%

  12. Am at 444 gems now f2p. Will wait for big mom :/ I have legend lucy. I don’t need anyone else till Bandai bring ultra yonko legend big mom. PS still can’t beat Moria thriller bark. Lol

  13. I’ve been waiting for them to drop a new Rebecca unit. I’m going to do one multi summon for her. . .
    Maybe -.-

  14. I Want to see katakuri legend

  15. Rip legends Kizaru and Zoro

  16. I hope them make fuji v1 and ts zoro 6+

  17. 7 star big mom 7 star kaido 7 star shanks and 7 star Blackbeard 7+ GOL D ROGER xD never gonna happen tho unless BAN DAI LISTEN DAMN IT.

  18. I suck at farmng so adveenture is not for me any way TRAP SUGO not gonna pull i say that now atleast and i end up buying like 200 gems.

  19. New raid boss confirmed

  20. that’s fe soundtrack, which games u played?

  21. They need to stop making legends that shit on other legends. If Zoro isn’t a Captain he’s actually worse than 3D2Y Zoro for boosting slashers and it’s clear that they want us to run the new Fujitora as captain with his special…

    God damn it bandai

  22. Are you kidding

  23. Great vid fam

  24. what!!??? this is just straight up game breaking… a legend that exceeds 4x and a base of 3.25x? what the hell is bandai thinking? do they not care about the people who spent a lot on the game in the early days? they just made those people’s money pointless. instead of creating a content that will challenge even the old legends, they just straight up release overpowered units and release contents that only those new legends will be able to clear. like what the hell? playing now with an old account is now depressing when new rerolled accounts just needs 1 legend and will steamroll everything. i miss the days when everyone needs to formulate a team that will effectively farm contents.

  25. Kizaru > fuji sub wise since fuji only gives matching orbs as cap/fc

  26. We love you asianguy

  27. Kizaru = dead

  28. Did I hear Barto Raid? ♥‿♥

  29. Saving Gems for Christmas or New Year, pretty sure there will be a 2x Legend Sugo where we can all go FULL HAM