One Piece Chapter 887 = Bege vs Oven, Pound’s Epic Last Stand, Big Mom’s Arrival!
My live reaction to One Piece Manga Chapter 887: Somewhere, Someone is Wishing for Your Happiness

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  1. Poun D. smiled dying!! will of D. confirmed he sacrificed his life for his family… he died without his daughter and grandson knowing who he is.. the real hero!!

  2. that seal is carry the cake in last chapter. . . i wonder why you missed it

  3. The seal was there from previous chapter, pulling the cake carriage.

  4. This chapter kicked my ass, I was already ruined by Hajime No Ippo. Bege is a goon, Poun D. Is the Man. DAMN IT WAS GOOD, also nice new camera, it really brings out your complexion.

  5. Why is it cheating, when Oven heats the Water with his DF? Luffy could stretch his Body during Fishman Island too (The fight vs the Kraken).

  6. Roger with that quality quality no mi

  7. The camera is beautiful, I have to say. Plus, this chapter was great. It really shows how good of a writer Oda is.

  8. “A man provides. And he does it even when he’s not appreciated, or respected, or even loved. He simply bears up and he does it. Because he’s a man.”

    RIP Poun D. Father of the year

  9. I’m always shocked at how Oda can make me care about minor characters who only are in a handful of chapters. RIP Pound, you went out like a boss protecting your daughter.

  10. The Seal was carrying the cake last week btw

  11. Pound was a real man. Not an ounce of cowardice in him.

  12. I just wake up roger in morning here 🙂

  13. Sanji kicked the whole thing carrying the cake to the ship’s deck not that the seals are flying!

  14. Dude whole cake is crazy you got Pedro dying and now Pound!

  15. When Roger got all excited at 06:25 like, “Pound is going to meet his grandson!” I started to tear up again. Fucking damn it.

  16. Damn Oda is cold

  17. I coined it last week!!!! Poun D…!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Poun D. Gentleman

  19. That’s two for this arc! Pound is gone, Pedro MUST stay dead. The stakes need to be raised, no matter how small, in this arc. This is a Yonkou, if nobody dies then it’s just bad storytelling.

  20. If the majority of a DF user’s body isn’t covered by water they can still use their DF. Luffy can still stretch even partially covered. We saw this many many times before.

  21. I see your here Early to Respect The Father Of The Shadows
    Poun D Hero R.I.P.

  22. Never thought such feels could happen for such a short lived character…

  23. *Back to back!* Roger you know I’m rolling. Gamers vlog and this! FIRST

  24. So Luffy’s ship can fly, Law’s ship can go underwater, and Bege’s ship can go on land. I’m seeing a trend here.

  25. This is why I love one piece. Rip my boi pound