One Piece 887 ワンピース Manga Chapter Gave Dem Feels Leading Into Big Mom in Op 888

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  1. Rip Pound


  3. R. I. P. Poun D.

  4. That shit made me cry.

  5. If he is alive I swear to God….
    Other than that Pound died one badass motherfucker. Rip in peace in peace pound.
    What if pound was kg?

  6. This chapter hurt dude, doesn’t help that her last words to him was “what a Perv” God dammit that hurt

  7. one piece greatness that’s why kubo is jealous lol

  8. Your I’m sorry man this caught me more off guard.xD

  9. onepiece >>> dbs,dbz

  10. R.I.P. POUN D. HERO

  11. I think Capone’s son has good observation haki. Like that little girl at sky island.

  12. ODA made me have feels for pound, that man went out like a boss.

  13. Damn 2 deaths in 1 arc who do yall think will die in wano

  14. never thought I’d give a shit about poundm

  15. Guess you can say our hearts *POUNDED* after this chapter.

  16. i would argue, that the most tragic part of Pound’s backstory, is that he did the naughty with BM.

  17. The way he was fixing his tie and getting ready to die gave me the feels ;_;

  18. fornever looks like Big Mom.

  19. The body count in this arc is nuts, I think Oda got pissed off at people complaining one piece doesn’t have enough deaths. This guy, the tree, the leopard guy, and don’t forget Big Mom’s backstory.

  20. What was pound doing with his necktie ?

  21. Pound D. GREATNESS!!!!!! RIP ;(

  22. God, we gain a few pounds since thanksgiving, and one piece loses a few pounds.

  23. I missed something. Our Naruto has a Himawari?

  24. The fact that Oda is able to give minor characters so much depth while other authors struggle giving main characters that depth is a huge testament to Oda as a writer

  25. the thumbnail looks like you bahahahhaha

  26. You have kids