This banner was too irresistible considering the new slasher batch, the best Limited Rare Recruits and the new upcoming Limit Break Characters were all available in this pool! If you did any pulls let me know how they went!

How were your free pulls also?!

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  1. Who else only plays global but still watches him?

  2. Stop

  3. you know this is a T-R-A-P-P

  4. Got Ichiji in the free summon, just need Judge to complete the entire Germa 66 batch

  5. Are you the Asian guy from fast and the furious known as Han? 4Head

  6. Congrats on the new unit

  7. The office is a shit show tbh. Overrated af

  8. How are everyone’s free pulls going so far? New account where pretty much any gold is a new character, silver story Zoro and silver Vivi XD

  9. Play #Globest

  10. Werf or nor werf?

  11. Grats on reddo doggu boyy, those limited characters are soo juicy! I wish I could afford doing pulls like this lmao

  12. germa 69 (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

  13. pull addict atsu makes a comeback!!!

  14. Nigga who cares about Law XD jk

  15. ayyee law is also my fav 😀

  16. When log laws banner came around i did a yolo pull and got him

  17. 50 here. 50 there. One day you will break and do 300 for a limited character

  18. I already had dex akainu since he was released xD

  19. Turn yourself in for a lack of selfcontrol PogChamp

  20. Nice Dex Akainu